World of Warcraft


Medvind – A swedish casual raiding guild started in Cataclysm and also part of an gaming community

We are a casual horde raiding guild with high average age and 2 active raid days a week, thursday and sunday 19:30-22:30 server time, we looking for raiders at the moment and as long as you are active and are able to understand and speak swedish you are welcome to join us!

Our minimum age for recruits is 15+

The guild is originated on Kor’gall-EU

Our main goal is to have fun, we value that above all else, but with 2 raid days a week we still have a decent progress and are able to gear people up to a sense.

We run the guild with majority decisions, so decisions that affect all people like raid days, raid times, loot system etc. Are voted for

So what can we offer you and what can you expect from us

  • Structure
  • Stability
  • Activity
  • Kind and helpful players
  • Lots of mythic plus dungeons
  • 2 raid days a week – if you want to raid?
  • Non-stop rolling teamspeak3 server that you as a member of the community are able to invite friends to
  • Be part of something more then just a guild – a gaming community
  • A media based guild (Teamspeak3, Youtube, Facebook & Twitter)

For those who dont play on Kor’gall, this server is now inter-linked with 4 others realms, which means people from the following servers (Bloodfeather / Burning Steppes / Executus / Kor’gall / Shattered Hand) are able to join us and play. These servers are all pvp realms, but dont worry, they are heavily horde dominated and the majority is swedish speaking (around 75-80%). We also have alot of hardcore guilds on these realms and many of them competing on WoWProgress.

So this is a great place to be in if you want to play with countrymen

You find more information about us on our forums by clicking on the picture on the top – all in swedish

You can find us on other media sites by clicking the pictures below