World of Warcraft – Medvind

We are ready!, are you?

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Medvind Gaming: Happy Eastern!

Happy Eastern to everyone!



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World of Warcraft: Medvind is 11/11 heroic!

Last sunday we planned to kill Argus on heroic, this thursday we succeeded

Medvind is now 11/11 heroic in Antorus and we want to thank every raider for their focus and determination

Our roster keeps growing with good players and we’re looking to begin mythic soon!


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World of Warcraft: The moment is at hand!

 The moment is at hand!

We are now at Argus heroic and plan to put him in the ground

2 new bosses on one raid night, it would be an understatement to say we are proud of our raiders

These 2 kills took us to 10/11 heroic in Antorus


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