World of Warcraft: Medvind guild pushing forward!

Heya fellows

This sunday was a success for the guild Medvind

We are now 8/8 heroic in Uldir



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Star Citizen: CitizenCon 2018 – Recap



Heya Fellows

For those of you who missed the CitizenCon 2018 presentation, here’s a recap for you on the gameplay demo.. Enjoy!

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Star Citizen: 2 new ships!

2 new ships came out the development pipeline during the CitizenCon 2018 presentation

Here are the 2 commercials for those



Drake Interplanetary – Kraken


Anvil Aerospace – Valkyrie


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Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Complete


CitizenCon 2018 was exceptionally good as there never been so much new stuff out the pipeline like now.

Squadron 42 is complete, they finishing up the last bits and polish and the works on the presistant universe and server meshing etc is in full speed.

Check out the latest Squadron 42 trailer, it will give you goosebumps!

(You’ll see actors/actresses like “Gillian Anderson / Gary Oldman / Mark Hamill / Mark Strong / Rhona Mitra and Liam Cunningham”)


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