Save the Internet!

Hello readers!

EU is foolishly trying to shut down the Internet. If you treasure your freedom online, lets say on facebook, youtube, instagram or twitter, stand up now and sign the petition.

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Star Citizen Patch 3.5

Hello Citizens

Star Citizen patch 3.5 is just around the corner and it’s the biggest patch yet.
The anticipation is high and work tempo at Cloud Imperium Games is even higher.

There are tons of improvements and mechanics added in 3.5 and here’s some of them.


  • New mission giver Tecia Pacheco at Arccorp – Creating a new mission giver for ArcCorp. Includes character concepting, motion capture, animation, audio, behaviors, mission content, and the creation of clothing, props, and environment. Also includes the writing of accompanying mission text.

  • DNA Face Customization – Design and implement the DNA facial system, including, the gene splicing system used for player character customization and nearly infinite NPC facial variations. Dual quaternion skinning, corrective blendshapes and all other deformers will be implemented on the GPU to allow the system to scale with many characters.

  • Playable Female Characters – Implementing the models, animations, and items required to allow players to select a female avatar, as well as updating female NPCs in various locations.


  • ArcCorp Planet – A planet sized city.

  • ArcCorp Moon: Lyria

  • ArcCorp Moon: Wala

  • Area18 Landing Zone – Landing zone for the planet ArcCorp and one of the surrounding region’s main commercial interplanetary ports.


  • FPS: Collision Avoidance – Adding the ability for AI to acknowledge objects present on an NPC’s path and efficiently and realistically navigate around them.

  • Basic Gunship Behaviour – Implementation of specific behaviors for pilots of ships that are heavily reliant on turrets.

  • Ship AI: Flight Model Update – With the revised flight model coming on board for player ships, AI-controlled ships need to be updated to use it as well.

  • Ship AI: Combat Behaviour Improvements – Introducing new behaviors to ship AI to add challenge and realism, such as surprise deceleration and break-aways when under fire.


  • System: Heat – Improvements to the heat system to provide a more systemic experience between items and vehicles. This will cover a variety of issues and their effect on vehicles, from how heat affects various components in a ship to incorporating heat values into the room system, all the way up to defining the ambient heat of a solar system.

  • AI Bounty Hunting in Environmental Missions – Implementing an Environmental Mission in which AI bounty hunters attack players with bounties on them and where AI security forces attack players with high crime stats.

  • Vehicle Scanning HUD Improvements – Implementing improvements to the Vehicle HUD system to support additional scanning and ping features, including confidence levels for newly identified objects.

  • AI Distress Beacons – Implementing a Combat Assistance Service Beacon mission where players can assist an AI in distress.

  • Vehicle Radar v2 – Adjustments to the radar system, allowing the management of different radar upgrades and adding functionality for the developers to modify radar range and abilities based on location. This allows for environmental hazards to impact the radar’s effectiveness.

  • Quantum Travel Improvements – Continuing to improve the Quantum Travel mechanic with upgrades to the UI, interaction, and spline jumps.

  • Vehicle Scanning Improvements – Implementation of general user experience improvements to the Vehicle Scanning system. This includes the ability to create false signatures and balancing the distance in which contacts can be detected between pings and scans.

  • Ship System: Degradation Improvements – Functionality for wear and degradation causing reduced performance on ship components. Adjustments to overclocking to drastically increase the wear rate.

  • Vehicle Tech Updates v1 – Adding a variety of vehicle implementation improvements, such as vehicle states for modal behavior, and updating the vehicle paint system.

  • Groups System Improvements v4 – Implementing improvements to the Groups System for a smoother MobiGlas and invite experience.

  • VOIP & FOIP Improvements v3 – Implementing further improvements to the Voice Over IP and Face Over IP systems in-game, allowing for better performance and higher levels of accuracy.

  • Distortion Damage Improvements – Functionality for distortion damage to correctly impact performance of items and be used via environmental hazard areas.

  • Gimbal Weapon Improvements v1 – Improvements to the ship combat system through the implementation of automated gimbal mounts. Weapons, and sometimes other specialty components can be attached to these mounts, and allowed a breadth of motion in their usage.

  • Extending Delivery Missions to ArcCorp – Extending Delivery Missions to ArcCorp and surrounding Rest Stops.

Ships and Vehicles:

  • Ursa Rover Fortuna – Building, balancing, and implementing the Ursa Rover Fortuna as an immediately playable vehicle.

  • Anvil Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker – Building, balancing, and implementing the Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker as a flight-ready ship.

  • Origin 300i Rework – Implementing and balancing the updated model of the Origin 300i as a flight-ready ship.

  • Origin 315p Rework – Implementing and balancing the revised model of the Origin 315p as a flight-ready ship.

  • Origin 325a Rework – Implementing and balancing the revised model of the Origin 325a as a flight-ready ship.

  • Origin 350R Rework – Implementing and balancing the revised model of the Origin 350R as a flight-ready ship.

  • MISC Reliant Tana – Building, balancing, and implementing the Reliant Tana (MISC’s combat variant) into the game.

  • MISC Reliant Sen – Building, balancing, and implementing the Reliant Sen (MISC’s research variant) into the game.

  • MISC Reliant Mako – Building, balancing, and implementing the Reliant Maeko (MISC’s media variant) into the game.

Weapons and Items:

  • Banu Singe Tachyon Cannon – Designing and creating the Banu Singe Tachyon cannon for use on ships. The work includes asset creation, passes by numerous teams, and Design input on weapon balance.

  • Gemini S71 – Designing and creating Gemini’s S71 assault rifle for use by characters in-game. Work covers concept completion, asset creation, passes by numerous departments, and Design input on weapon balance.

  • Gallenson Tactical Systems GT-870 Tarantula Revision – Covers all the tasks associated with updating Gallenson Tactical Systems’ GT-870 Tarantula series of ballistic cannons (S1-3) and implementing the revised versions in-game.

  • Kastak Arms Coda – Designing and creating Kastak Arms’ Coda ballistic pistol for use by characters in-game. The work includes asset creation, passes by numerous teams, and Design input on weapon balance.

Core Tech:

  • Asynchronous Disconnection Refactor – This refactor aims to improve efficiency and usability of the asynchronous disconnection code. Refactoring this will clean-up a lot of bugs such as infinite loading screens, server crashes, and client crashes, while also helping to assure that more of these issues don’t occur in the future.

  • Network OCS Stall Fixes – Fixing network-related processing stalls during entity binding/unbinding as a result of Bind Culling and OCS.

  • New Flight Model – Initial implementation of the all new in-game flight control system, incorporating a total overhaul to the entire flight experience. For a detailed look at this new system, check out The Principles of Flight panel from CitizenCon 2948 on our YouTube channel. At a high level this covers: Rebalanced thruster strengths for more momentum in flight
    Deeper integration with item 2.0 systems such as heat, power, and fuel
    Redesigned throttle for more direct control
    Redesigned afterburner and cruise mode
    Redesigned ESP algorithm
    New gravlev handling
    Numerous bugs and issues solved with previous flight model.

  • Projectile Manager – Implementing a more optimized and scalable projectile system that will cater to large-scale space battles. This feature will also improve performance in smaller battles as well.

  • Hard Surface Shader Improvements – Implementation of multiple improvements to the Hard Surface shader to provide greater texture detail, and a richer feature set allowing more widespread use across the game.

  • Performance Optimization – General optimization and engine improvements to increase stability and performance for the players. This includes continued transition of gameplay systems to Item 2.0 as well as investigation and resolution of possible memory leaks and performance spikes.

Stay tuned for more!

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Medvind Gaming: Breaking News!

Hello fellows

As most of you know Blizzard isn’t doing to good right now, their numbers, both income wise but also player wise getting lower as we speak, what has influenced this isn’t exactly known, but there are many speculations around the subject.
It might have something to do with limited content, to many bugs this far in the new expansion or Blizzard actually dont give a damn about the community anymore. Anyway we are sure Activision has something to do with it.

As a direct result of this our own guild Medvind has suffered low activity for the past 2 month, we have lost some active players to more active guilds which is understandable (we wish them the best in their new guilds). We also have many members playing other games or even stopped playing World of Warcraft because they dont enjoy it anymore.

It’s clear now that Medvind can’t function as a raiding guild during this dark time in World of Warcraft, were the player base just getting lower and lower and there simply isn’t anymore players to get.
So it is with sadness we have come to a time where we have to take Medvind out of raiding for an indefinite period.

Medvind will still be around as a guild to play in, in case the situation getting better, but not as a raiding guild.

More information for our members can be found on our WoW forums.

-The officers of Medvind

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Medvind Gaming: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!

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