Medvind Gaming: Breaking News!

Hello fellows

As most of you know Blizzard isn’t doing to good right now, their numbers, both income wise but also player wise getting lower as we speak, what has influenced this isn’t exactly known, but there are many speculations around the subject.
It might have something to do with limited content, to many bugs this far in the new expansion or Blizzard actually dont give a damn about the community anymore. Anyway we are sure Activision has something to do with it.

As a direct result of this our own guild Medvind has suffered low activity for the past 2 month, we have lost some active players to more active guilds which is understandable (we wish them the best in their new guilds). We also have many members playing other games or even stopped playing World of Warcraft because they dont enjoy it anymore.

It’s clear now that Medvind can’t function as a raiding guild during this dark time in World of Warcraft, were the player base just getting lower and lower and there simply isn’t anymore players to get.
So it is with sadness we have come to a time where we have to take Medvind out of raiding for an indefinite period.

Medvind will still be around as a guild to play in, in case the situation getting better, but not as a raiding guild.

More information for our members can be found on our WoW forums.

-The officers of Medvind