Major changes to our homepage!


The summer is getting closer and more outdoor activites will be present, that of course doesn’t mean that we going to step down from what we are currently doing, no we will continue and in fact the homepage will shortly undergo major changes as preparation for the community registration.

You can expect the following changes
(There will be more changes as we getting further into the planning)

  • The homepage will go all swedish with english optional (that means menus, categories and page text will be in swedish, but posts can of course be in english depending on what it is). But don’t worry, there will be a english option aswell.
  • Medvind Gaming will once again revert back to having 1 forum instead of several (that means people that play more then one of our games will have a easier time, the forum will also contain a portal with relevant information and links.
  • Medvind Gaming gonna fix another voice over application and of course explain the upside and downside with each.

Hopefully we’ll begin a new chapter this autumn