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Star Citizen: Gamescom Presentation 2017 / 2h and 30min

Heya fellows, Star Citizen Gamescom Presentation 2017 for those who missed it, its 2½ hour long, with shitloads of features coming for patch 3.0 and beyond.

Features like, VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP) and (Face over IP) aswell as Idris Frigate combat, Planet Rover Exploration and much more!

Expected release date for 3.0:  late september – mid october 2017



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Star Citizen: New ship and commercial for Origin Jumpworks 600i

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Star Citizen: New Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 trailer

The music, the graphics, the fidelity, the depths, the immersion… Simply beautiful… Cloud Imperium Games delivering as usual!

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Star Citizen: Ship Commercials

Star Citizen Ship Commercials


In Star Citizen we have lots and lots of ships and more are in the works, some smaller then the average and some bigger, alot bigger. Not all of them have commercials but some of them actually do. Check them out, everything is captured in-engine & in-game, nothing is edited to look better and some of the commercials even have famous actors doing voices. Anyway here they are.

Roberts Space Industries “Constellation”

(Aquila class)

MISC “Freelancer”

(Yes, its Lance Henriksen)




Drake Interplanetary “Cutlass”




Origin “300 Series”

(Director’s Cut)





Consolidated Outland “Mustang Series”


Roberts Space Industries “Aurora Series”

Origin “M50”

(Top Gear Theme)

Anvil Aerospace “Hornet Series”

(The main carrier based fighter in the Star Citizen Campaign “Squadron 42”)

Here’s some of them, as said more of them are in the works and I’m sure you find at least one of them to your liking, to check out more click the link below


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