About Medvind Gaming

About Medvind Gaming


Medvind Gaming is a swedish gaming community founded in May 2016 by Jimmy Friman, Maria Gustafsson and Johan Angenberg to get us all close to each other and do what we do best, gaming.


Medvind Gaming was created in association with our World of Warcraft guild Medvind and since we had such nice and vibrant members in the guild, why not extend it further, to more then just 1 game.


The point with this community is to create a meeting point for fellow gamers, a place were people can relax, have fun, make friends and do what we love most, “disappear in a virtual world of likeminded people”
We’re looking to have more then 1 or 2 games added to the community and at the moment we have 2 big titles, World of Warcraft and Star Citizen.


The community will also host contests and challenges were people can participate, compete against each other and win prices.
We also wanna be visible at gaming events such as Dreamhack, exhibitions and other gaming related events. We are currently breaking new ground and charting new territories, but having fun doing it.


As of now, we are also looking for sponsors, but only related to the branch we’re currently in, gaming. That involves gaming stores, software and hardware developers and other bigger communites or companies related to gaming.


For more information please contact us


You can also find us here!